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I guess it really didn't make sense to not have a blog section on this website. This entire thing started as a blog. It's like duh include a blog. You're here so you know where you at. Welcome to Unfiltered Black Hottie dot com. This here melam=nin hosted, "say what you wanna" podcast is another extension of Lipstickzngunz The Brand. On this continuous journey of personal development and growth, I learned how detrimental I've been to myself any muting and bottling my emotions all up. Becoming a shell or avatar or whatever. I was killing myself with myself. My thoughts, opinions are all valid, valid af without anyone's validation. Unfiltered Black Hotties is unapologetic. I'm me here. And here nobody can really say shit about it. This is mine cant nobody takes it. In my drunk Paul from The Temptations voice.

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