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We Still Here

Season 3 is on the way. Sunday. Finally. It's been a long time coming but we are here. In this season I challenged myself. I pushed myself to the limit and also relaxed. In the other 2 seasons, I'll admit I watered it down, didn't wanna step on any toes. This season I feel like you just gotta scoot back. The season goes from abortion to the CIA to colorism. Yea I challenged myself. I set goals pertaining to my research delivery & promotion. I was looking for what works for me and I think I found it.

I really enjoy podcasting. I love it honestly. It's an outlet I wish I discovered years ago. I'd been in a space where I didn't have a voice but on the Unfiltered Black Hottie Podcast, I'm loud as hell. Everyone hears me from Africa to India. It's refreshing to be able to express myself in a safe space with no fear of judgment. I like delivering topics that are intriguing as well as informative. It's like the stuff I teach the audience are topic you needed to know about but never knew you needed to learn about

My podcast is a process. It's strategic and that's how it has to work. The "hottie" isn't said in a sexy voice for no reason. Planned it. I pick topics, research, create graphics, write a script, plan the delivery, and execute. It's not Beyonce level but it's a machine. Stay tuned. More is always coming.

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