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Transparent Moment

So season 3 is pretty dope right? I think so. Ehh ok my last episode I sorta fumbled. I said I'd be transparent, this is me being transparent. I treat this podcast like a business as I should. So I keep to a schedule. I got too deep into some other distractions and didn't adhere to the schedule. It takes a lot to the podcast. I'm the director, writer, producer, graphic designer allla dat. I knew all this coming into the podcast world . And stillstarted Unfiltered Black Hottie.

I knew what I was getting into and for that reason I created a little schedule. Ive learned over the years when you write something down its real as soon as the ink dries. I make the schedule with intentions with purpose. Last week I didn't. My intentions weren't aligned. I apologize. This podcast is for us. When I don't deliver I feel like a dead beat dad. Like I told yall to get ready and left yall sitting on the porch. I apologize children.

The next episode comes from personal experience. ITs a trash dick episode. Casuse yu cant spell men without trash. In this one we chat about DM ettiquite, something yall new fellas do not have. I expose a few of my DMs because well you can make this stuff up! Whats the most absurd thing you've gotten in your direct messages?

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