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Season 1 Was Like

Like one of the best shows ever, The Office, ran seasonal & so does Unfiltered Black Hottie. Season 1 started June 2021 hence the ride started. There are 20 episodes to a season & about a 2 week cool down period in between seasons. The break is for 2 things, for l8steners to catch up on the previous season and prepare for the next season. On the 1st season I stuck my big toe it. There was as in stull so much to learn about podcasting. I've come far and still have a while to go. During season 1 we talked about a plethora of topics. Interracial dating, porn stars turned crackheads, even mouse experiments. The jungle fever episode got person discussing interracial dating from an experiences point of view, not the point of view of the social media memes. It was an experience to sat the least definitely podcast worthy. We took a scientific route in the Mouse Utopia episode The shit people do with mice is out of control meanwhile if I see one I'm immediately removing myself from the premises./ The season ended on a somber note highlighting the unfortunate truth about how this country has treats and has always treated our missing brown girls. That's the Missing White Woman Syndrome episode. That was wild to research and record. When I actually heard the words coming out of my mouth, about women who look like me, hearing the reminder, its chilling

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