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Hoochie Coochie Please

In the month of February, we talked about sex. The entire month! Sex! I mean I’m always black I can and do twlked about black history all the time. it’s not restricted to just February. So I talked about, you guessed it sex. I titled the series Hoochie Coochie La La La after some song from the 90’s. Ironically that’s the only part I remember and that was the chorus. As with all things if you make sex complicated it’ll be complicated. In 2022 there’s still so much taboo & hush hush around sex and sexual related “things“ I think that’s weird it’s not 1631. there are adult women (and men) who have still never double clicked their own mouse! You get it?! In the series we discuss a plethora of sexual related matters from sex toys, to revenge porn to fetishes. I even, although painful relive one my the most horrible sexual encounters I’ve ever had. Its one I don’t count anymore, I’ve tried to forget it but anything for the podcast!! Sex and/or sex related things shouldn’t be something we can’t or should talk about. It’s a natural thing. I say what I want!! I highly recommend you binge the series rhet nah!! Be on the look out for bonus episode!!

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